Alvin Keenan

A legacy of leadership

CHC’s Board of Directors has appointed Alvin Keenan, of Prince Edward Island, for the 2017-2018 term.

Alvin started working with CHC in 1983. Since that time, he has advocated on a wide range of issues, including trade and marketing, labour, and crop protection. He currently operates Rollo Bay Potatoes with his brother Ray and their families. They are dedicated to quality, care for the environment, and incorporating the newest and most innovative technology into their operations. Alvin inherits the Presidency from Keith Kuhl, who held the position from 2013-2017.


Past Presidents

2016      Keith Kuhl (Prairies)
2015      Keith Kuhl (Prairies)
2014      Keith Kuhl (Prairies)
2013      Keith Kuhl (Prairies)
2012      Murray Porteous (Ontario)
2011      Jack Bates (BC)
2010     Andy Vermeulen Nova Scotia (Atlantic)
2009     Steve Levasseur Quebec
2008     Larry Buba Alberta (Prairies)
2007     Ken Porteous Ontario
2006     Marcus Janzen British Columbia
2005     Robert MacDonald Prince Edward Island (Atlantic)
2004     André Turenne Quebec
2003     Doug Connery Manitoba (Prairies)
2002     Ken Forth Ontario
2001     Penny Gambell British Columbia
2000     Don Keenan New Brunswick (Atlantic)
1999     Robert Allard Quebec
1998     Dave Jeffries Manitoba (Prairies)
1997     Jeff Wilson Ontario
1996     David Hobson British Columbia
1995     R. Elmer MacDonald Prince Edward Island (Atlantic)
1994     Jean-Claude Tessier Quebec
1993     Hector Delanghe Ontario
1992     Greg Gowryluk Manitoba (Prairies)
1991     James Harris British Columbia
1990     Jean-Yves Lohé Quebec
1989     Gerry Long Ontario
1988     Laurie Hennigar Nova Scotia (Atlantic)
1987     John Kuhl Manitoba (Prairies)
1986     Richard Bullock British Columbia
1985     Michel Legault Quebec
1984     Tony Csinos Ontario
1983     John MacDonald Prince Edward Island (Atlantic)
1982     Bill Visser Alberta (Prairies)
1981     Arnold Pedersen British Columbia
1980     Keith Collver Ontario
1979     Pierre Van Winden Quebec
1978     Jim Gallant New Brunswick (Atlantic)
1977     Ed Connery Manitoba (Prairies)
1976     Nigel Taylor British Columbia
1975     Ron Moyer Ontario
1974     Ebbis Peill Nova Scotia (Atlantic)
1973     Gilles Tessier Quebec
1972     Larry Jorgenson Alberta (Prairies)
1971     Don Wright Ontario
1970     Allan Claridge British Columbia
1969     Yves Bolduc Quebec
1968     H.N. Cohoon Nova Scotia (Atlantic)
1967     Walter Kroeker Manitoba (Prairies)
1966     John Brown Ontario
1965     R.L. Burge Prince Edward Island (Atlantic)
1964     R.P. Walrod British Columbia
1963     Gérald Beaudin Quebec
1962     John E. Reynolds Ontario
1961     A.E. Calkin Nova Scotia (Atlantic)
1960     H.C. Greenlaw New Brunswick (Atlantic)
1959     A.R. Garrish British Columbia
1958     W. Daman Manitoba (Prairies)
1957     M.M. Robinson Ontario
1956     Marc H. Hudon Quebec
1955     T.L. Meek Nova Scotia (Atlantic)
1954     W. R. Shaw Prince Edward Island (Atlantic)
1953     T. Wilkinson British Columbia
1952     B. M. Wallace Ontario
1951     B. M. Wallace Ontario
1950     Roswell Thomson Quebec
1949     R. J. Leslie Nova Scotia (Atlantic)
1948     F. L. Fitzpatrick British Columbia
1947     H. L. Craise Ontario
1946     J. W. Boulter Prince Edward Island (Atlantic)
1945     J. W. Boulter Prince Edward Island (Atlantic)
1944     R. D. Sutton Nova Scotia (Atlantic)
1943     R. E. Godbout Quebec
1942     A. K. Loyd British Columbia
1941     A. K. Loyd British Columbia
1940     G. H. Mitchell Ontario
1939     M. V. McGuire British Columbia
1938     W. G. Oulton Nova Scotia (Atlantic)
1937     F. A. Lewis British Columbia
1936     E. J. Atkin Ontario
1935     W. J. Tawse Quebec
1934     H. E. Kendall Nova Scotia (Atlantic)
1933     R. H. Macdonald British Columbia
1932     W. J. Cooke Ontario
1931     Thos. Abriel British Columbia
1930     Chas. Craig Ontario
1929     Paul Fisher Ontario
1928     J. H. Lavoie Quebec
1927     J. T. Mutrie British Columbia
1926     E. B. Luke Quebec
1925     E. B. Luke Quebec
1924     L. H. Taylor British Columbia
1923     F. W. Bishop Nova Scotia (Atlantic)
1922     Col. H. L. Roberts Ontario