Leadership and commitment

2016 Board of Directors

(L to R): Peter Swetnam (Atlantic), Adrian Huisman (Ontario), Brian Gilroy (Ontario), Alvin Keenan (Atlantic), Keith Kuhl (Prairies), Bar Hayre (BC), Jocelyn St-Denis (Québec), Ernie Van Boom (Prairies), Fred Steele (BC), Stéphanie Levasseur (Québec)

Representative – Prairies (President) Keith Kuhl (MB)
Representative – Atlantic (1st Vice-President) Alvin Keenan (PE)
Representative – Ontario (2nd Vice-President) Brian Gilroy
Representative – Ontario Adrian Huisman
Representative – Québec Stéphanie Levasseur
Representative – Québec Jocelyn St-Denis
Representative – Atlantic Peter Swetnam (NS)
Representative – Prairies Ernie Van Boom (AB)
Representative – BC Fred Steele
Representative – BC Bar Hayre

Member Representatives:   Each Member in good standing may designate in writing one (1) Member Representative to act on behalf of the Member at meetings of Members. A Member Representative may cast one (1) vote at meetings of Members on behalf of the Member in good standing he/she represents.

Board of Directors:  Two (2) Directors must be from each of the five geographical regions, namely, the Atlantic Provinces, the Province of Québec, the Province of Ontario, the Prairie Provinces and the Province of British Columbia. Such persons must first have been nominated by their respective regional caucus.

President: The President is a Director, chief executive of the Corporation and is appointed by the Board. The President is elected by the Board of Directors from those elected to the Board and may serve up to three (3) consecutive one year terms.

The national office is responsible for coordinating, communicating and advancing the needs of horticulture as directed by the Board of Directors and the Members on behalf of the membership.