Good things are growing

Canadian horticulture is a vibrant and diverse industry. With over 120 varieties of fruit and vegetables – from apples to zucchini – grown in every region of Canada from Newfoundland to British Columbia, horticulture is the most varied sector of Canadian agriculture.

Here are a few quick facts about fruit and vegetable production in Canada (as of 2014):


  • Over 27,500 horticulture farms in Canada cover close to 1,000,000 total acres of land.
  • These farms produce over $5 billion in annual direct farm cash receipts


  • Number of field vegetable farms in Canada: 9,057
  • Number of greenhouse vegetable farms in Canada: 680
  • Number one commodity of greenhouse vegetable by harvested area: tomatoes 
  • Number one field vegetable by planted area: sweet corn
  • Number one field vegetable by farm gate value: carrots
  • Farm gate value of field vegetables in Canada: $946,053,000
  • Farm gate value of greenhouse vegetables in Canada: $1,286,092,000
  • Greenhouse vegetable production in Canada by metric tonnes: 590,879
  • Canadian vegetable exports in 2014: $1,327,606,000      Source


  • Number of fruit farms in Canada (2011): 12,697
  • Total fruit farm gate value: $844,466,000
  • Top commodity based on farm gate value: blueberries ($245,955,000)
  • Canadian fruit marketed volume (metric tonnes): $859,163,000
  • Canadian fruit farm cultivated area (hectares): 124,019
  • Fresh fruit exports in 2014: $613,868,000
  • Number of cultivated hectares devoted to apple growing in Canada: 17,000  Source


Interested in learning more fruit and vegetable production in Canada?  Take a look at these CHC fact sheets: