The voice of Canadian horticulture

The Canadian Horticultural Council (CHC) is an Ottawa-based voluntary, not-for-profit, national association that represents producers from across Canada involved in the production and packing of over 120 fruit and vegetable crops. Members include provincial and national horticultural commodity organizations as well as allied stakeholders and partners, service organizations, provincial governments and individual producers.

Since 1922, in collaboration with members, government and elected officials we have advocated to influence policies and programs which will have a positive and long-lasting impact on Canada’s horticultural sector.


Committees are established to address issues and bring focus and consensus to issues of particular importance. Permanent Standing Committees meet during the Annual General Meeting to debate and process policy matters specific to their respective Terms of Reference. A number of these standing committees have established active working groups which interact over the course of the year.



Commodity Standing Committees are established with a number of working groups in place to address and manage issues on a day-to-day basis as required.


Our Vision:  An Innovative and Sustainable Canadian Horticulture Industry.

The CHC has a clear mandate to be a strong and active presence in the nation’s capital on behalf of the horticultural sector by bringing issues to the attention of the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, and to other federal and provincial ministers and departments as directed by membership.

Our Mission:  To be the Voice of Canadian Horticulture.

Our Mandate:  To build national consensus on issues relevant to Members in order to influence policies and programs for a sustainable horticultural sector.

The CHC is committed to advancing the growth and economic viability of horticulture by encouraging cooperation and understanding to build national consensus on key issues. The CHC delivers a unified and clear representation to governments and other national and international parties and in so doing ensures an innovative, profitable and sustainable horticultural industry for future generations.

Our Value Proposition:  Membership in the CHC provides a seat at the table where the industry’s future is being decided.

CHC Committee Organizational Chart
Did you know

Farm gate sales, with additional processing, contribute over $5 billion to the value of the overall sector.

Latest News

Gary Linkletter receives 2017 Doug Connery Award for leadership excellence

Keith Kuhl, outgoing President of the Canadian Horticultural Council (CHC), presented Gary Linkletter with the 2017 Doug Connery Award for leadership excellence during CHC’s annual general meeting in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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