Chair: John Bareman (AB)

Vice-Chair: Brenda Simmons (PE)

The Potato Committee advocates for the economic well-being of Canadian potato growers on federal legislative, regulatory, environmental and trade issues.

The Potato Committee is comprised of Canadian Horticultural Council members who produce, pack, ship, and process potatoes and seed potatoes in Canada, as well as representatives from the federal and provincial governments. The Potato Committee meets once a year in March at the Annual General Meeting to cover a wide range of business including regulatory and trade issues, plant health issues, crop protection tools, safety nets, research, food safety and other concerns of mutual interest. The Chair and Members of the Canadian Potato Council (CPC) are appointed at this time.

For inquiries to the Chair, call the National Office at: 613-226-4880 ext. 217 or send an email.



2016 Report from the Chair