The business of growing our food

With over $5 billion dollars annually in farm cash receipts fruit and vegetable production is big business.  And like all businesses there are numerous volatilities which affect growers’ ability to make money. Weather and the economy are two such factors that impact a grower’s bottom line. The Government of Canada has implemented programs such as AgriInvest, AgriInsurance and AgriStability to support growers through challenging times. One example is a farmer’s ability to respond in cases of produce recalls.

To this end, the CHC has launched a research study to inform producers of current Canadian and international requirements, identify the gaps in current support programming and response systems, and make recommendations to government of possible solutions to these gaps.

CHC’s Finance and Business Management Committee, with the support of CHC staff, works with federal government departments on programs and issues which impact a grower’s ability to do business.

2016 Risk Management Report

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