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Thomas Mulcair announces NDP’s support for a PACA-like deemed trust in Canada

On July 22, Thomas Mulcair announced the NDP’s support for a PACA-like deemed trust in Canada.  Canada’s preferential access to the USDA’s Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act (PACA) Trust was ...Read More

Apple and Fruit

About the Committee


Chair: Brian Gilroy
Blueberry Co-Chair: Jack Bates
Tender Fruit Co-Chair: Phil Treguno
Grape Co-Chair: Bill George

The Apple and Fruit Committee is comprised of all Canadian Horticultural Council members who produce, pack, ship, and process fruit, as well as representatives from federal and provincial governments.

The Committee meets once a year in March at the Annual General Meeting to address a wide range of business including plant health issues, crop protection tools, markets and trade, research, food safety and other concerns of mutual interest.

The Chair and two Co-Chairs are appointed annually at the Annual General Meeting in March. The Co-Chairs represent important Canadian fruit commodities – blueberries and tender fruit. To contact the Chair or Co-Chairs, call the National Office at: (613) 226-4880 or send an email.