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Mapping Agriculture from Space

planet earth from outer space

How AAFC’s new generation of satellite-based agri-environment indicators will help drive change in Canada’s agricultural sector. By Mark Halsall These days, timely, reliable and spatially specific information is critical for developing and supporting agricultural policies and programs in a wide range of areas. These areas include: business risk management; early warning systems for floods, drought…

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Invasive Alien Species: The Spotted Wing Drosophila

close up of spotted wing drosophila on rasberry
Spotted wing drosophila, like this one sitting atop a raspberry, can wreak havoc on soft summer fruit. Photo credit: Laboratoire d’expertise et de diagnostic en phytoprotection, MAPAQ.

By J. Allen & L. Farmer To the average Canadian, the words “invasive alien species” may conjure B-movie images of UFOs and one-eyed green men. To Canadian horticultural producers, these three words signal an ominous reality. This is particularly true for Canadian producers of soft summer fruit (e.g., cherry, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, peach, nectarine,…

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