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Greenhouse Vegetable Committee

Greenhouse vegetable production continues to grow and the sector has become the number one commodity in Canada in terms of farm cash receipts. The sector's success has been achieved, in part, through research and innovation and new technologies that have resulted in a longer growing season. The greenhouse sector has increased its focus on sustainability and in so doing, is proving itself to be a model for the future.

As with other Canadian Horticultural Council (CHC) committees, the Greenhouse Committee is comprised of members who are growers and/or represent grower associations from the five greenhouse vegetable producing regions: British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Québec, and Atlantic. Together, they work with CHC staff and Government of Canada ministries on issues that affect greenhouse production for that year.

A Greenhouse Vegetable Working Group meets during the year to address ongoing issues and matters arising between annual meetings, such as plant health (sanitary/phytosanitary), crop protection, risk management, research and innovation, food safety and traceability, and other concerns of common interest.

Chair: Linda Delli Santi

Vice-Chair: Justine Taylor

To contact the Chair, call the National Office at: (613) 226-4880 or send an email.


  • Definition of Greenhouse
  • Data, Market Information and Intelligence, Sector Competitiveness
  • Development of a National Greenhouse Strategy
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Markets and Trade
  • Minor Use Product Registrations
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