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Greenhouse vegetable production in Canada

greenhouse tomatoes behind a map of Canada

Canada's greenhouse vegetable producers have become models of sustainability in Canada. Greenhouse producers use such techniques as Integrated Pest Management, which involves combating insects harmful to plants with other bugs. They also maximize efficiency and minimize impact on the environment by reducing waste and water consumption. Production costs are high, but greenhouse vegetable production has proven to be a profitable and growing sector in Canadian horticulture.

Canadian Greenhouse Statistics

  • Number of greenhouse farms in Canada: 658
  • Harvested area (square meters): 14,393,898
  • Production volume (metric tonnes): 590,879
  • Total employees, annual: 5,514
  • Total employees, seasonal: 5,000
  • Exports ($ x 1,000): 827,500
  • Greenhouse vegetable destinations ($ x 1,000): U.S.: 825,258; Japan: 1,556; Taiwan: 261
  • Top three greenhouse farm gate value by province: Ontario: 69%; BC: 20%; Quebec: 7%
  • Farm gate value ($ x 1,000): 1,287,236
  • Top farm gate value by commodity ($ x 1,000): Tomato: 516,928; Peppers: 426,118; Cucumbers: 308,199; Lettuce: 35,991


  • Green indicates an increase from the previous reporting period.
  • Red indicates a decrease from the previous reporting period.

All data from the Statistical Overview of the Canadian Greenhouse Vegetable Industry, 2015

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