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CHC Executive Director provides organizational update at OFVGA Annual General Meeting

From left to right: Rebecca Lee, Executive Director, CHC; Alison Robertson, Executive Director, OFVGA; Jan VanderHout, Incoming President, OFVGA. Rebecca Lee provided an update on CHC activities at OFVGA’s 2017 AGM. Photo: CHC

Rebecca Lee of the Canadian Horticultural Council (CHC) provided an update on CHC activities at the 2017 Annual General Meeting of the Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers’ Association (OFVGA).

Rebecca’s presentation included an update on new staff, recent government relations activities, progress on key files, an overview of CHC’s governance structure, and relationships with key industry partners. CHC will present a similar update for grower associations in Quebec, Nova Scotia and BC. These brief CHC updates consist of a high-level overview of the information that will be presented at CHC’s 2017 Annual General Meeting on March 14-16, 2017, in Winnipeg.

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