Federal Election 2019

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On October 21, Canadians will elect a new federal government. This newly elected government will be making policy decisions that will impact fruit and vegetable farmers.

As a result, it is essential that our voices are heard during the election period. CHC has been working hard to engage representatives at the federal level by meeting with policy makers and sharing our ideas with party leaders.

In order to complement these efforts, we must work together to amplify our grassroots message and ensure that our industry is supported from coast to coast—and to remind our elected officials of the important role farmers play in Canada’s economy. We need your help to help your elected officials understand who they are representing—including you and the issues are important to you. Below, we have a list of actions you can take and tools you can use to share your unique perspective and make your voice heard.

Now is the time for farmers to reach out to their local candidates and have a say in their future. Farmers can find information about their federal riding on the Elections Canada website. For help, more details or to learn more about our election campaign and how farmers can get involved, please contact Robyn McKee, Policy Manager, at RMcKee@hortcouncil.ca or 613-226-4880 x209, or Karl Oczkowski, Communications Manager, at koczkowski@hortcouncil.ca or 613-226-4880 x218.

How you can be heard

  1. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper
  2. Write a letter to your candidates
  3. Connect with your local candidates
  4. Discuss the issues on social media (read more below)

You have the ability to affect decisions. While there are people and groups, like CHC, who are working on your behalf, the best way to get a candidate’s attention is for them to hear directly from you—their constituent.

Get involved, speak out. You can make a difference.

The issues

Despite our sector’s strong contribution to Canada’s economy—$17.4B in real GDP and 249,000 jobs in 2017 (2019 RIAS Report)—farmers face regulatory burdens that threaten the growth and viability of our industry. These regulatory burdens on Canada’s fruit and vegetable farmers is a significant concern to the modernization of our sector. As a result, it is essential that farmers’ voices are heard, understood and acted upon in all government decisions that impact them—whether directly or indirectly—to ensure our long term competitiveness in the global market.

CHC has identified key areas where government action is needed to improve the competitiveness of our sector. The fact sheets listed below will provide you with the information you need on these issues, as well as some talking points you can use.

Pick an issue that matters to you and take action. Know what it is you want to change, and know that your opinion matters to your candidate. Fact sheets on some issues that might be important to you are listed below.

The process

Step 1: Pick an issue that matters to you and take action. Know what it is you want to change, and know that your opinion matters to your candidate.

Step 2: Write a letter to the editor or to your candidate using the tips and templates we’ve provided as a starting point. Send your letter to your local newspaper editor or your candidate.

Step 3: Contact CHC to inform us about your letter to the editor or candidate.


Step 2: Contact your candidate(s) to set up a meeting.

Step 3: Once your meeting is set up, get prepared and be sure to familiarize yourself with the supporting material on the issue you want to discuss, using the fact sheets we’ve provided.

Step 4: Contact CHC to inform us about your upcoming meeting.

Step 5: Meet with your candidate(s), let them know why this issue matters to you

Social media

Social media is another great way to address the issues that matter to you with the public and with your local candidate. Twitter is the best platform to reach your local candidates by 'tagging' them, and Facebook is a great place to talk about issues with your personal network. To get you started, here are some visuals on key topics you can download and post on social media.