Moses and Margarito

brothers together

Moses and Margarito are two brothers who now work together on the same farm. However, this hasn't always been possible. You see, Margarito cannot speak or hear. On a farm where teamwork and communication are so important, such a disability could be a show-stopper.
Several years ago, Moses was working as an international farm worker in Kelowna. But he knew some people at Nirmal Dhaliwal's farm and heard great things about working there, so he approached Nirmal about getting a job. Once he was on board, Moses mentioned that he also had a brother working in the Okanagan. Could there possibly be a place for him?
Nirmal took some time to discuss the situation with his wife. They both reached the same conclusion. Why not? Margarito was a hard worker with a good track record, and the brothers wanted to work together. On Nirmal’s farm, the brothers now work side-by-side, using their own special form of sign language that they have developed since childhood.
According to Nirmal, "Moses and Margarito are totally reliable, and are hard workers. For up to eight months they are on my farm, bringing food to Canadian tables. They benefit from the wages and they contribute to our economy. The program works for everyone."

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