Ronald Lakhan


Ronald is from Trinidad and Tobago. For the past 14 years – every summer – he has been coming back to Simcoe, ON, to work on the Schuyler Farm.

Since his grandpa passed away, he has been sending money back home to his dad and sister. Thanks to this money, they built a house not too long ago.

He admits that it was difficult when he first came to Canada. He was lonely, and the field work was hard. But he quickly learned new skills and started doing different things. For example, he learned about pest control and spraying techniques, and how to drive a tractor and a forklift.

Best of all though, he’s made a bunch of new friends who look out for him in Canada. They play soccer on a pitch set up on the farm, or they play volleyball in town. They also go down to Niagara once in a while (when they’re not busy playing sports or eating barbecue).

Thank you, Ronald, for being part of our community and for doing the work that you do.

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